Terrorism, Multi-Victim Killers, Bullying

CNN - Clues to Jared Lee Loughner's mind

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LMN: Killer Kids- Frenemies and The Reject

NBC New York - Discussion on Reducing Youth Violence

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WMDT 47 - Preventing Youth Violence

Inside the Mind: Failure to Attach

- Link Interview with Dr. Seifert on the effects of attachment problems.

Discovery ID: Forbidden Love: Therapy on Ice

- Therapy on Ice A traumatized woman goes for therapy and is seduced by her therapist. Nothing good could have come from this. The outcome was diasterous.

Discovery ID: Web of Lies: The Only Way Out

- The Only Way Out Two teens fall in love online. Her parents try to keep them apart. Robert agrees to kill his girl friend's father in the still of the night while he slept in his bed. It was an awful scene. Dr. Seifert explains the psychology of this murder

Discovery ID: Couples Who Kill: My Girl

- My Girl An emotionally and sexually involved trio of girls vie for each other's love and attention. Two of the girls marry men. What a tangled mess. The all vie for each other's attention until two turn to murder to eliminate some of the competition because she's "my girl."

Discovery ID: Killer Kids: Frenemies and the Reject

- Frenemies and the Reject Abandoned by parents, shy and backward, Christine is befriended by two popular girls in High School. They build her confidence and help her with make-up and clothes. However, they too abandoned her. Christine's rage had a terrible ending for the frienemies.

Web of Lies: No Way Out