Terrorism, Multi-Victim Killers, Bullying

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Violence screening and risk reduction tools through personal Assessments.

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Dr. Kathryn Seifert

Violence Prevention and Risk Reduction:

It is not enough to define the level of risk for violence,  You must know what to do about it.
Dr. Kathryn Seifert is one of the leading experts in the fields of violence assessment and violence prevention.  
Why did Adam Lanza, Aaron Alexis, and Andres Breivik, commit these acts of shocking violence? To find out, read on.  Many of these violent events could have been predicted and prevented if someone had seen the warning signs and intervened before it was too late.
Dr. Kathryn Seifert, a forensic psychologist, brings her distinctive perspective to research into the minds of violent criminals. Through her 30 years of research into the causes of sexual abuse, drug addiction, murder, terrorism, gangs, domestic abuse, rape, and other violent crimes, read here to learn the key childhood, family, and skill factors causing young people to grow up to become violent adults. Learn how to prevent youth and adult acts of violence.
Dr. Kathy phone number 443-754-1001 please leave a message.

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