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1. Femmes Fatales: What's Causing the Increase of Crimes Committed By Women? - Increasing aggression among women may have been a side effect of the women's movement. Recent studies show that while the rates of violence and sexual abuse are leveling off among men, they are increasing among women. Could it be that years, even decades, of pent-up rage over having been severely abused is finally breaking out? Dr. Seifert explores how centuries of abuse of girls and women and cultural changes involving a more permissive society are creating an environment where women can be more aggressive towards others. You'll learn what causes violent tendencies in most women and what risk-factors help fuel them. You'll also learn how many of these violent women are being neglected by the system and what we can do as professionals and as a society to make sure they get the help they need.
2. Why Mothers Kill - Taking care of a child is an instinctual behavior - something horrible has to happen to a mother to override this instinct and cause her to kill her children the way we often hear about in the news. Most people believe that post-partum depression is to blame, but an overlooked factor is the trauma, neglect, and abuse suffered by these mothers as they were growing up. Kathy's research has identified childhood and home factors that may shed new light on this unspeakable act - and in this presentation she discusses what these factors are and how we can help mothers who have them.

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Dr. Kathryn Seifert
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