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Dr. Kathryn Seifert

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1. No Fear Zone: Preventing Violence at School - From preventing sex abuse and school shootings to helping children avoid the wrath of bullies, Dr. Seifert discusses some of the nationally-tested programs proven to decrease acts of violence in a school setting. Learn:

  • The home and family environment factors that cause children to become violent at school
  • How to tell when a child is being abused by a bully or parent
  • The warning signs that a child you teach may be at risk of committing an act of violence
  • How to make your classroom or school a safer and more nurturing environment for at-risk children
  • When and how to intervene when a child seems dangerous
  • What professional and clinical treatment options are necessary to steer violent children away from harming others and harming themselves

2. Fallen Angels: Assessing the Risk for Youth Violence - Dr. Seifert is the author of the CARE-2 (Child & Adolescent Risk Evaluation) - one of the world's most accurate screening tools for identifying which children and teenagers are most likely to commit an act of violence. She brings her 30 years of research and clinical work to this discussion of how and why children become violent, how you can identify the risk factors involved, and how you can develop a custom case management and intervention plan that will determine what treatment is appropriate for every level of risk.
3. Predicting Crime: Assessing the Risk for Adult Violence & Sexual Abuse - The facts concerning child abuse are alarming:

  • A woman is shot to death by her husband
  • A 19-year old girl is found murdered in an New York City alley
  • A child is sexually abused by a trusted family priest

What do these stories have in common? They all could have been prevented. The facts are alarming. But over 75% of the violent acts we read about everyday - from assault to murder - could have been prevented if someone close to the potential violent offender (a friend, co-worker, social worker, criminal justice, or mental health professional) identified the warning signs of a violent personality and intervened effectively before it was too late! After 30 years of studying the causes of sexual abuse, drug addiction, murder, gangs, domestic abuse, and rape, forensic psychologist Dr. Kathy Seifert has identified the psychological risk factors that cause people to become criminals. In this presentation, she shares these risk factors with you, shows you how to identify which people may be at risk of committing a crime, and how to intervene and respond effectively before it's too late.


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Dr. Kathryn Seifert
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