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1. Fallen Angels: What Causes Children to Become Violent? - There are over 3 million cases of child maltreatment each year in the US. This means there are 3 million children who, because they didn't receive the love and nurturing that's vital at early stages of development, already have many of the risk factors that lead to acts of violence later on in life. This includes rape, murder, sex abuse, and suicide. What can you do as an educator, social worker, counselor, healthcare professional, or parent?

  • Discover how problems in the home and family environment - from drug addiction to sexual abuse - can alter the normal development of a child
  • Learn the warning signs that a child you teach or service may be at risk of committing an act of violence
  • Discover the resiliency factors you can provide to counteract the trauma and anger in their lives
  • Learn what professional and clinical treatment options are necessary to steer violent children away from harming others and themselves

2. Taming the Angry Child - If you're tired of letting angry children walk all over you, disrupt your classroom, and cause you to lose your cool in front of others, learn these basic strategies for communicating with a child when they're being irrational, moody, or temperamental. Discover how to manage your own uncontrolled anger and the issues in your life causing you to feel this way.
3. Assessing & Treating Attachment Disorders - Dr. Seifert is one the nation's leading researchers and clinical practitioners in the field of assessing and treating attachment disorders in children. She can customize a presentation that explores the causes of attachment disorders, how it interferes with moral and social development, why it often leads to criminal behavior, and how it can be assessed and treated using many of the case management tools Dr. Seifert has created.
4. Healing the Wounds of Childhood Trauma - The facts concerning child abuse are alarming:

  • 79% of violent children have witnessed violence between their parents
  • Child abuse rose 125% from 1986-1993
  • By the time of adulthood, 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 7 boys have been sexually abused

Given the fact that so many children we work with and teach everyday have been abused, how is this affecting our ability to make a difference, foster learning, and do our jobs? What can we do to help them feel normal and less frightened in the world? In this presentation, Dr. Seifert will show you techniques you can use to help children look at their trauma from new eyes, reducing the emotional impact of the trauma in present day. You'll learn how to identify the outward signs of trauma and how you can use the experience of trauma to help children develop skills and feel stronger. This presentation offers vital skill development for any educator, social worker, or mental health professional working with children.


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Dr. Kathryn Seifert
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