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The AVVRT - Adult Violence Risk Reduction Tool™
The AVVRT is an Adult Violence Risk Reduction Tool™ for mentally ill and autistic males (ages 15 - 40).
The AVVRT is now available for the special introductory price of $10.95.

How the AVRRT Works
The AVRRT is a Violence Risk Reduction Intervention Tool™. It lists the Risk Factors for violence common among young adult males either with severe mental illness or a disorder on the autism spectrum, without a significant history of past violence. This tool is not intended to guide Risk Reduction for those who exhibit chronically violent behaviour.
The AVVRT™ can be used to guide Risk Reduction for males ages 15-40, who are severely mentally ill, or on the autism spectrum. It can also be used for males between this age who have a history of emotional outbursts, narcissism, and social awkwardness, but may not have actually committed prior acts of severe or chronic violence.
Research has shown that a male who is in late adolescence or early adulthood, and has co-occurring mental health and substance abuse problems, is seven times more likely to engage in violent behavior than a person who suffers from just one of these problems. If, in addition to these co-occurring conditions, the person has anger management problems, and minimal support, you need to administer the following checklist to determine the Violence Risk Reduction™ Interventions that are needed.

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